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2006-12-29 (Friday)


  1. My year in email

    Looking at statistics generated by Eudora for my email usage.


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  1. Nabaztag/tag power brick on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    My Newton MessagePad 2100 came with the same kind of set up, way back when.


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    Off round a friend of Mary's for seasonal drinks.

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    I have finished all RSS feeds. I have read everything in the world and I can relax. For a few seconds.

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    Right, back to the computer-shaped grindstone.

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    Mmmm, lunchtime. Last of the leftovers I think.

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    Laboriously fixing a load of truncated data due to an ill-advised and bodged switch to a utf-8 database some time ago.

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    Has anyone seen my spoon?