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Apologies to the hundred or so of you who use the Haddock Blogs RSS feeds. They stopped working on 22nd October (one thing was fixed, breaking another) and my attention has been so all over the place that I didn’t notice until yesterday.

They’re back now. If you want to catch up on stuff that fell through the gap you can page through previous days on the site. If you ever notice the feeds or the site falling unusually quiet for a couple of days in future feel free to give me a prod to make sure they’re OK.

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Monday 3 November 2008, 12:13pm

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3 Nov 2008 at Twitter

  • 12:48pm: Doing my bit for the economy (and my sanity) at the expense of the environment (and my bank account): new MacBook has arrived.
  • 12:04pm: @blech Good thinking: getting up early might be better. Anyone any idea what time meaningful results will be coming in?
  • 11:35am: Wondering if there's anywhere fun to watch the election results tomorrow night. Or do we just stay in with Twitter?