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2008-01-03 (Thursday)


  1. Personal University

    The Personal MBA reading list has got me all excited.


  1. Bristol Then and Now Photographs - Page One

    Lots of animated images with photos of past and (nearly) present Bristol. A shame more of them don’t line up better, but still interesting.

  2. “You Don’t Understand Our Audience” by John Hockenberry

    “…a series of lessons I learned about how television news had lost its most basic journalistic instincts in its search for the audience-driven sweet spot, the ‘emotional center’ of the American people.” (via Oblinks)

  3. How to Read a Book (PDF)

    Sounds like good advice. I mostly read for pleasure at the moment, rather than for just learning stuff, but this’ll be handy one day…

  4. Death and Underachievement: A Guide to Happiness in Work | 43 Folders

    Maybe my resolution should be “just be content”. But then I’d try too hard to achieve it.

  5. The Personal MBA Manifesto: Mastering Business Through Self-Education (Recommended Business Books)

    First time I’ve thought “that looks awesome” about something MBA related. (via Cool Tools)

  6. Advice for clearing literary clutter | Ask MetaFilter

    Old thread on how to reduce the number of books one owns (or why not to bother). (via 43 Folders)

  7. Luggage Pr0n: Five Head-Turning Bags for Your Notebook | 43 Folders

    Yet another geek bag discussion. Comments probably more practical than the main article. For when my 11 year old bag dies.


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Bored of reading half of the conversations my friends are having with their friends. Like sitting in a train of noisy phone conversations.

  • philgyford’s avatar

    Sitting in a hat and the gloom, figuring drawn curtains will keep the cold out of our chilly upstairs room.