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Writing tagged Misc

  1. A trip to the Falkland Islands

    My account of what the Falkland Islands are like. Briefly: remarkably pleasant. Sociable and surprisingly pretty with great wildlife.

  2. Buggy New Year

    An error on my part coincidentally stopped Haddock Blogs publishing while I was on holiday. Sorry.

  3. The Guardian’s re-purposing of online content

    The Guardian’s started using quotes from weblogs and forums in the paper. Good stuff, except some forum posters are upset.

  4. Slimming for August

    I’m going to unsub from one RSS feed a day for the month of August.

  5. Classic travel

    Paul Theroux on why he travels, and Levi-Strauss’s definition of “mana”.

  6. Royal Mail spam

    I like the Royal Mail a little bit less every time it shoves its junk mail through our letter box.

  7. The Hitchhiker’s Guide movie

    I thoroughly enjoyed the revamped, high-production familiarity, but I have no idea if it will work as a film for people who don’t already know it.

  8. With great audiences…

    At what point does an amateur weblog become professional? And what responsibilities does that entail? In sticking to its amateur style, I feel Boing Boing may be shirking some responsibility.

  9. I don’t understand

    MG Rover’s directors and the profitable but crap Thameslink train service confuse me entirely.

  10. American passports and Mexican food

    Two old posts of mine that have generated disproportionate quantities of coomments via Google.

  11. May the Government be damned for it

    An awesome, possibly final, speech from Brian Sedgemore in yesterday’s Prevention of Terrorism Bill debate. Why are people like him the exception rather than the rule among Labour MPs?

  12. Direct diet marketing

    A handy diet and exercise-tracking site that’s actually run by a direct-marketing company.

  13. Haddock Blogs working better

    Like a toilet unblocking, a big flush of blog posts erupts…

  14. Haddock Blogs a bit broken

    If you follow the aggregated weblog feeds at Haddock Blogs you should be aware that it’s…

  15. New Jamie Oliver website

    I’ve been working on the site for Jamie Oliver’s new book at Poke — there’s some nice stuff in there…

  16. Walking on the right

    It seems there’s a convention of pedestrians passing each other on the right in America. If so, is there also a convention of passing on the left in the UK and I’ve been oblivious to it my whole life? Am I dumb?

  17. Andrew O’Hagan on the Republican convention

    Two quotable passages from O’Hagan’s London Review of Books report from the US Republican Convention. A relentless summary of the state of America and a frightening conversation.

  18. Seeing the light flicker

    Finally discovering the joys of Flickr, months after everyone else, getting annoyed with its information architecture, and revelling in the growing number of small pieces joining loosely.

  19. Let’s live today, anyway. Change me, change me, change me once again

    It’s not often you get a chance to see characters in a film genuinely age ten years. ‘Before Sunrise’ gives you this and much, much more. Magic.

  20. St Pancras Chambers

    Yesterday I went on a tour of the elegant building at St Pancras station, currently derelict, soon to be converted into a new hotel and apartments, and took some photos.

  21. Anyone for a greasy?

    Mourning the passing of the New Piccadilly cafe in central London and celebrating other simple caffs.

  22. Inaccessible Odeon

    Odeon has forced Matthew Somerville to shut down his accessible version of their site. All the more amazing when Odeon’s official site is completely invisible in some browsers.

  23. What webloggers are reading this summer

    I asked a bunch of webloggers what they’re reading this summer. Because I was more interested in that than what celebrities are reading this summer.

  24. Blogloops

    Bloglines’ first birthday revamp introduces public blogs, shrinking the incestuous blogging cycle a little further.