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  1. the shirt crusade, the bacon crisis, and other stories of dramatic reactions to small changes at work — Ask a Manager

    People can be awful, one reason I’ve worked alone for the best part of twenty years.

  2. Processed World

    Archive of a magazine created by temp workers in San Francisco’s financial district in the 1980s. (via Web Curios)

  3. All Things Linguistic - Part I - What is a Weird Internet Career?

    Gretchen McCulloch on how she ended up with her weird portfolio career as an internet linguist. (via Kottke)

  4. Several grumpy opinions about remote work at Tailscale - apenwarr

    I enjoyed this summary of different remote working tools for a small team. (via Simon Willison)

  5. The twenty tens: my lucky decade – Matt Edgar writes here

    If you’re looking for inspiration for how to think about your work/life over the next decade, this look back on Matt’s 2010s is lovely. (via @gilest)

  6. my favorite posts of the decade — Ask a Manager

    Lots of good stuff, both oh-my-god-amazing and very useful.

  7. Elderblog Sutra: 8

    “I’ve neither succeeded spectacularly enough at what I do that I can afford to ‘make bad movies for the rest of my life’ … nor have I failed so miserably that it’s an easy call … to just toss it all as worthless sunk cost, and start afresh with whatever resources and talents I have left.”

  8. do I need to make coffee for coworkers when I don’t drink it… — Ask a Manager

    For the comments about the first question. “The British obsession around tea/coffee making, hierarchy and passive aggressiveness really knows no bounds in some workplaces.”

  9. The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work | Zapier

    I haven’t read this but it sounds useful, given how often I hear people ask about how to cope with remote working/workers. (via @RandomEtc)

  10. Working With Loved Ones - Marius Masalar

    On working with your partner/friend. Includes a link to his partner’s post on the topic.

  11. Anna Shipman : JFDI

    As someone who can barely imagine having any job, I’m in awe of this rigorous approach to finding the right role.

  12. Jerry Saltz: How to Be an Artist

    Better than your average list of tips like “How to be a writer”. Practical and inspiring. (via Antimega)

  13. Working late, responsibly •

    Good advice, given well. Although written for people in a team, the same goes for freelancers. (via Alice Bartlett)

  14. Elizabeth Gilbert on Distinguishing Between Hobbies, Jobs, Careers, & Vocation - YouTube

    Good. Hands up who’s confused all four of those things and doesn’t know what they’re doing any more. (via Russell Davies)

  15. How did you find your passion? - career work motivation | Ask MetaFilter

    A great answer (from 2008) that’s realistic and emphasises that you don’t need to (sometimes shouldn’t) turn your passion, if you even have one, into your career.

  16. You don’t have to live in public

    Lots of good advice about working (as opposed to living) in public online.

  17. How to work with Londoners: a guide for foreigners.

    Alex’s good matter-of-fact guide to the practical realities of getting started with making contacts and generating work.

  18. Offscreen Magazine Interview — by Craig Mod

    Really nice piece. Thoughtful, pragmatic, calm. On books, working out what scale of effect gives you satisfaction, pace, depth, connectivity. (via Warren Ellis)

  19. How do you set limits on client feedback? - Work clients design | Ask MetaFilter

    I don’t think I’m ever in this situation but there’s useful stuff in these answers.

  20. Compound interest applied to learning

    Yes, this makes sense. Plus I often think that people who get, or take, an opportunity early on that gives them time to explore their field end up exponentially further ahead than peers.

  21. Choose your own business adventure – Buckley Williams

    Transcript of Nat Buckley’s talk about why you should quit your job and start your own company, which is very good.

  22. Rose tinted memories of BBC Backstage

    “I’m pretty sure it’s no longer enough for organisations to be ‘open’ because no matter how hard you try, eventually that just becomes PR and marketing fluff. Much better to aim to be porous.”

  23. The HURRDURR Games — Dorian Taylor

    On why most hackathons are exploitative. Includes a calculator for whether it’s worth your time. (via Favejet)

  24. Email transparency

    From 2013, with a 2014, update on how Stripe have (most) of their internal email visible by everyone internally. (Lots of Google Groups.)

  25. “You carry a 00 number, it means you have License to kill, not GET killed!” | MetaFilter

    Nice comparison of Bond with the full-time, permanent company man, versus Bourne as a freelance flexible worker.

  26. A Sense of Where You Are — Elegant Tools — Medium

    Tom Broxton very good on gathering evidence about how long the designing and building of digital things actually take, so you can convince people your pessimistic-sounding estimates are accurate.

  27. Salary benchmarking for London - Cogs Agency Cogs Agency

    2015/16. Interesting, although I take these with a pinch of salt. And all the tables are an image, so they obviously want to keep this data hidden from some people.

  28. Is group chat making you sweat? — Signal v. Noise — Medium

    Jason Fried on the pros and cons of group chat at work. (via @tomskitomski)

  29. Here’s a great way to boost your income in an hour

    That sounds like spam but it’s actually about the benefits of, as a freelancer, writing yourself a detailed job description.

  30. The mystery of the white dress shirt — Medium

    Bryan Boyer on closing down their Makeshift Society Brooklyn coworking space. Lovely thoughtful postmortem.

  31. New Creatives | designswarm {thoughts}

    Alex on… people like me, and many friends, it seems. I’m not sure about the term itself, but it does seem like a reasonably identifiable “thing”.

  32. 5 things I think journalism students need to know about technology — Thoughts on Media — Medium

    Good rules for lots of students and workers whose jobs come anywhere close to the internet. (via Russell Davies)

  33. First, Let’s Get Rid of All the Bosses | The New Republic

    On Zappos’ weird non-organisational organisation. Sounds like a nightmare. (via @tomtaylor a while back)

  34. Design Jobs / It’s Nice That Jobsboard

    I imagine this has jobs at some nice places (and the usual), given it’s from It’s Nice That. And I’ll forget the name if I don’t bookmark it. (via @iamdanw)

  35. No Dickheads! A Guide To Building Happy, Healthy, And Creative Teams. — Medium

    So good. Sounds like such a great place to work and do good work.

  36. Hardware by the Numbers (Part 1: Team + Prototyping) — Medium

    Four parts. I’m not overly fascinated by making hardware, but enjoy reading general starting/growing-a-business experience, even if it’s focused on making a business with the aim of exiting. (via Tom Taylor)

  37. A Year of Reflection — Today’s Office — Medium

    Jan Chipchase on design studios, taking risks, his year of “creat[ing] the minimum viable process and infrastructure to be able to take on challenging projects that can have significant impact, and do good work.” (via @cityofsound)

  38. Salary benchmarking for London 2014/2015 - Cogs Agency Cogs Agency

    Salaries and freelance rates for a variety of roles.

  39. 44 engineering management lessons

    A good list of things to do and not to do when managing engineers (although there’s lots that’s transferable). (via @kellan)

  40. The Old Guard – Rands in Repose

    On the pattern of a group of people staring something and, as it expands, new people join and try to understand and codify the accumulated knowledge that is used by the original group through instinct alone. And the conflict that results. (via Tom Taylor)

  41. 13 Ways Designers Screw Up Client Presentations — Medium

    Lots of good tips, easily extrapolated to non-designers presenting work to clients too. (via @antimega)

  42. Jared Spool’s answer to What is the current market hourly rate (contract) for a great designer who can design (visual/ux/product) and develop award-winning user interfaces? - Quora

    “…you’re looking for someone who is such an outlier in the industry that you’ll pay whatever rate they demand.” (via Stellar)

  43. Microaggression and Management — about work — Medium

    Some of the common things managers might do that reinforce inequality and hierarchy. (Not that I’ve experienced much of this, thankfully.)

  44. Pubstandards.pdf

    A chart showing the movement of people in London’s Pub Standards community from one company to another. I was looking for this and couldn’t find it and now it’s here.

  45. The coolest culture hack of all is not hacking your culture » Boyes Club

    Good. “If you tell me you want to ‘hack’ your culture, what I hear is, ‘I don’t know how to make the people working for me simultaneously more engaged and more productive, so I’m going to attempt to manipulate them in ways based entirely on my own misunderstanding of human behaviour and hope that gives me the results I’m looking for’.” (via @tomstuart)

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