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2015-12-20 (Sunday)


  1. Opposing Funds Duel on Tesla Valuation | SumZero

    I’m not as interested in Tesla’s share price as I am in whether the company can succeed or not, which, fundamentally, this article is about. (via Monevator)

  2. Here’s a great way to boost your income in an hour

    That sounds like spam but it’s actually about the benefits of, as a freelancer, writing yourself a detailed job description.

  3. The toxic side of free. Or: how I lost the love for my side project (part 1)

    Five parts on the difficulties with running a website, JS Bin. DDoS attacks, spammers, when and how to make people pay, child porn, and, most troublesome of all, the new VATMOSS rules.


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    @simonw You’ve forgotten how we do things here! The solution is to tut loudly, roll your eyes, and click the “I love cookies!” button.

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    @whoisdanw TEDworld: all of the ideas from TED talks have been put into practice; interact with people dressed as your favourite speakers.