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2015-03-27 (Friday)

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  1. You reach for the stars, I go to the flicks | Brief letters | Global | The Guardian

    Just off London’s City Road there used to be a “Britannia College of Excellence”, whose motto was…


  1. Wikitten

    Simple PHP-based wiki, uses Markdown or HTML syntax, has syntax highlighting for code blocks. (via @benbrown)

  2. No Dickheads! A Guide To Building Happy, Healthy, And Creative Teams. — Medium

    So good. Sounds like such a great place to work and do good work.


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    @genmon @tomcoates I think of it as where Ultimate Play The Game were based.… The only thing I know about the place.

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    @fuzzmonkey Yeah, but it's the version we're using, so I have no excuse.

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    Apparently you don't have to use the .php3 extension any more either, but I don't want to rush into anything! Let's not be hasty!

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    Only after seven months of writing PHP do I realise you can now make arrays with [ ], instead of the clunky old skool array(). What a tit.

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    I have a brief letter in the Guardian today, continuing a daft school mottos thread:… Photo:…

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    The Museum of London's getting more serious about moving from the Barbican to buildings in Smithfield Market:…

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    Me: My wife's gone trekking in Nepal again.
    You: Lho?
    Me: No, she'll get to 3500 metres.

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    @rachelcoldicutt Yes, seems such an odd way to get anything done. Or pretend to get anyone done.

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    So depressed about that Mail headline I can barely be bothered to do any mass murders