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2014-11-25 (Tuesday)


  1. Salary benchmarking for London 2014/2015 - Cogs Agency Cogs Agency

    Salaries and freelance rates for a variety of roles.


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    @phl True. I didn't realise quite how technically accurate Amazon's marketing slogans were.

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    @bowbrick I tried tearing the pages out and dramatically throwing them off the balcony but it just went "thunk".

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    This Kindle book "Contains Real Page Numbers". First page of text is "Page vii of 486". Second is "Page 1 of 486". Cover is "Loc 1 of 6692".

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    @worldchampyon I think it's the Straits of Gibraltar. Or, maybe used to mean the Mediterranean generally.…

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    @worldchampyon Foy: "A feast given by one who is about to leave a place."…

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    @alexforey Yeah, posts like this seem designed to trick some people into thinking they're real, rather than actually being funny.

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    @alexforey I assume it's a joke. Only, a joke without anything funny in it.

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    Sent an iMessage (Mac) to @russelldavies, but it sent as an SMS over Bluetooth, and he received it as an email, telling him he had an MMS.

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    Uh, I wrote this and saw it retweeted into my feed so I guess maybe I should just post a copy?