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2020-01-01 (Wednesday)


  1. my favorite posts of the decade — Ask a Manager

    Lots of good stuff, both oh-my-god-amazing and very useful.

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  • brookLYNevery1’s avatar

    ISO 8601 nerds: a crack has developed in the old way. The new year has wounded both the m/d/yy and the d/m/yy factions. The time is ripe for a new global order. TONIGHT (2020-01-01) WE RIDE…

    TrudiiBee’s avatar

    RT: Legal advice for 2020: during this year it is necessary to write the entire year 2020 and not 20 only as it is possible for someone to change it to 01/31/2000 or
    01/31/2019 or any other year just to falsify or invalidate a document.

  • dracos’s avatar

    Managed to get @samuelpepys’ theatre review site – Pepys’ Shows – back online for the new year, enjoy! 🎭