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2020-04-03 (Friday)


  1. A Life’s Work - Andrew Rowley | Off The Cuff - The Budd Blog

    This is just a nice little piece. The handful of times I’ve been there Mr Rowley has always been “jovial …, genteel and dry witted”.

  2. Several grumpy opinions about remote work at Tailscale - apenwarr

    I enjoyed this summary of different remote working tools for a small team. (via Simon Willison)


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    @bensummers Although with cameras on the end, in landscape, it's not just my eyes but my whole head that's pointed in the wrong direction!

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    Why do iPads have their front-facing camera at one end, rather than at the side (or have two)? Asked the man who, on video calls, always seems like he's looking at something off to one side.

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    I'm fascinated by object-labelling memes… as a kind of hybrid metaphor / mental model illustration—a rapid, relatable way for people to create "diagrams" of how they imagine concepts relating to each other, via properties of objects as metaphors

    A thread: