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2014-09-17 (Wednesday)


  1. The Boring Designer

    On why the most boring design is often the best one. Yes. (via @paulpod)

  2. 13 Ways Designers Screw Up Client Presentations — Medium

    Lots of good tips, easily extrapolated to non-designers presenting work to clients too. (via @antimega)


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    @paperbits I just saw that, ta. Glad I didn't start using them the other day when I first came across them!

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    @tomstuart @aanand @tomtaylor Jesus, Toms. What's the point of both being in the same foreign city by chance?

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    @aanand @tomstuart @tomtaylor That was my first thought…

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    Shortened my life by a noticeable amount by cycling through the fog of lethal particulates London is using for air today.

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    Try our Simple Floating Easy Ultimate Share Media Flare Sexy Mashaholic AddIt Button Pack Manager Plugin for WordPress now!

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    @LillyLyle I don't understand… they're trying to archive what's on Twitpic before it closes down and everything there vanishes forever.

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    Anyway, @Twitpic is working overtime to block @archiveteam from maintaining even a rough archive of this historical work. So you know.

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    "Can crowdfunding help San Francisco's homeless?" [Maybe. But might you also consider some form of coherent society?]