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2017-06-09 (Friday)


  1. Compound interest applied to learning

    Yes, this makes sense. Plus I often think that people who get, or take, an opportunity early on that gives them time to explore their field end up exponentially further ahead than peers.


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    I think all the world is grown false.

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    Looking forward to using “strong and stable” as a euphemism for broken and chaotic.

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    And so to bed. What a treat to have an election night that wasn’t a horrible surprise.

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    I think Amol Rajan is the only member of the BBC team under 40 (he’s 33) and his role is to read out tweets.

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    @wonderlandblog You might like the algorithmic English village names at @urnowentering.

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    Maybe politics discussion programmes are where everyone ends up after they enter the Carousel!

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    Has there been anyone under the age of 30 on the BBC? Very few under 40.

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    I think the BBC should interview an actual young person #GE2017

    Tottenham, London, United Kingdom

  • Liked tweets

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    I think all the world is grown false.

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    This is why I love Twitter.

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    TV SHOW IDEA: 'Strong & Stable'. Blundering detective duo Theresa Strong and Theresa Stable keep accidentally arresting themselves.

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    @joe_malia good to get the joe fave on this. Can't think of the phrase without imagining you saying it

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    Brilliant @nytimes map showing Lab-Con swing in each constituency. This huge southern surge for Labour is fascinating and unexpected.

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    A rant about the media: 1) The Metro and Evening Standard should either be thrown off London Underground stations or cease Tory propaganda

    Lambeth, London, United Kingdom

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    Absolutely historic. One must go all the way back to 2016 to find a worse gamble.…

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    Theresa May Has Made One Of The Worst Mistakes In British Electoral History… via @jimwaterson

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    Wow. It's getting to the existential part of the evening.…

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    @paulwaugh @mrchrisaddison Kensington and Chelsea hasn’t existed for 7 years

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    @philgyford Co working space / gig tv production