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17 December 2014




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    @mrstth That data was released today, but maybe @neil_mp is using something else?… I wonder why it takes six months?!

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    @joe_malia @abscond @radioroundabout Are you planning on getting a PlayStation 2 or a GameCube?

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    @abscond @joe_malia @radioroundabout I think they're a week behind. Or is it ahead?

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    @mrstth @neil_mp I guess he's blurring the line between JSA claimants (1.5%) and the unemployed (3.9%)… (Excel file)

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    @wearefriday @feralibix @atallman Congratulations! You don't look a day over 4!

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    @felix_cohen @alicebartlett Tomorrow?

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    @D_Nye_Griffiths @radioroundabout No…

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    @alicebartlett When you say this Friday do you mean next Friday?

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    One day humans will evolve an obvious signal that they have a contagious ailment and should go home. Maybe a sound, like an involuntary, cou

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    @radioroundabout Tomorrow, yeah?

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    @ph This holiday season I'll be thinking of those less fortunate than myself, like you. Shall I send a Christmas hamper of punctuation?

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    There will come a time, very soon, when we are told that something very like totalitarianism is necessary to save us from global warming.

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    I fucking LOVE science.

    *is handed peer reviewed journal*

    Haha nonono I meant CGI pictures of space with misattributed quotes as captions

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    Ahem. *This* is how we do formal warnings @wearefriday (credit to @spaceboy)

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    Queuing innovation in a Thai post office.