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2016-05-06 (Friday)


  1. Salary benchmarking for London - Cogs Agency Cogs Agency

    2015/16. Interesting, although I take these with a pinch of salt. And all the tables are an image, so they obviously want to keep this data hidden from some people.


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    @ntlk Like what the others said, nvm. Even I’ve managed to use it without too much trouble, and I usually make a meal of these things.

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    Pinboard McPinboardface

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    Rewriting this piece of over-engineered, deadline-free, personal project code for the third time why no I don’t have much work on.

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    @jamesbridle I used Stella… a long time ago, when doing the futures course, on a Systems Thinking class.

  • philgyford’s avatar… is poor. What does ‘Vote progress’ mean? And people having to view source to find %s:…

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    If you're watching the mayoral live-count, but want the figures rather than those bars, look at the source code...

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    @matlock They could *maybe* defend it as not wanting to give away which people/accounts/etc have enrolled? But yeah.

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    @0898CHEATHCO The opposite of stressed is desserts cheathco. You know what to do.