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2019-03-24 (Sunday)


  1. GeoCities Oral History #3. Jennifer Pursley | One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age

    I love these. This interview is with the “ringmaster” of the Anti-Titanic Webring.

  2. Working With Loved Ones - Marius Masalar

    On working with your partner/friend. Includes a link to his partner’s post on the topic.


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    The final vote on the EU #CopyrightDirective is happening THIS WEEK!

    Dozens of MEPs are undecided on how to vote on the EU's disastrous #CopyrightDirective. Here's how to call them now, and how to tell them to delete #Article11 and #Article13!

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    @Anna_Mazz This is a very apposite use of my photo.…

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    Weird… this is exactly what I think every morning when I wake up.

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    A tie between Happiness and Requiem for a Dream.…

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    what was the worst movie u ever watched on a date, mine was contagion