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Links tagged with “via:infovore”

  1. Bulma: Free, open source, and modern CSS framework based on Flexbox

    One of those “I’ll forget the name if I don’t bookmark it” things. Looks nice, as these things go. (via Infovore)

  2. @OskSta Bad North Tech

    I “liked” this “moment” but I’ve no idea where that’s recorded, so. Animated GIFs (sort of) of the mechanics of a 3D game under development. Fascinating. (via Infovore)

  3. I Miss Staging — Postlight — Digital product studio

    “We are six months old and we have more media platforms than we have employees.” Lots of good stuff about this stupid (my view) multi-platform world. (via Infovore)

  4. Quick, How Might the Alien Spacecraft Work?—Stephen Wolfram Blog

    On helping with the science stuff for the movie. “In the end I basically had just one evening to invent how interstellar space travel might work.” (via Infovore)

  5. MacDown: The open source Markdown editor for OS X.

    “The open source Markdown editor for OS X.” Seems nice. (via Infovore)

  6. Lychee — Self-hosted photo-management done right

    PHP and MySQL thing for hosting your own photo library. Nice, possibly, although I find the demo frustratingly un-web-like. (via Infovore)

  7. Multistage environments with Ansible – Ross Tuck

    I don’t need think I need this kind of setup right now, but in case I do in future… (via Infovore)

  8. Stefan Wrobel - How to make Vagrant performance not suck

    I haven’t needed Vagrant to be faster but if/when I do, this seems handy. (via Infovore)

  9. Scroll Back: The Theory and Practice of Cameras in Side-Scrollers

    I haven’t even read half of this but it’s so good. A really detailed and interesting look at a single feature of video games, that I’d barely thought about before, with loads of animated GIF examples. (via Infovore)

  10. How to traffic - Album on Imgur

    I’d never even heard of the ‘Cities: Skylines’ game but I like this description of how to make traffic work. (via Infovore)

  11. REDbot: <>

    Shows and reports on HTTP headers. Handy sometime, I’m sure. (via Infovore)

  12. Git merge vs. rebase

    Some things to try and remember next time I’m working on a thing with others. (via Infovore)

  13. vim-airline

    “Lean & mean status/tabline for vim.” I think this is nice. I don’t know any more. Tom seemed to think it was good and I haven’t added anything to my vim setup for ages. (via @infovore)

  14. 8 Sass mixins you must have in your toolbox

    Some handy things for use with SASS. (via Infovore)

  15. Susy: Responsive grids for Compass

    Looks like a very nice way to do CSS grids if SASS and Compass are your thing. (via Infovore)

  16. jeffknupp/sandman · GitHub

    Python thing that takes an existing database, creates a REST API for it, and provides you with a nice web admin interface. Handy. (via Infovore)

  17. ngrok - secure introspectable tunnels to localhost

    Alternative to localtunnel, for making sites on your local machine visible to the world. (via Infovore)

  18. Sheetsee.js

    “A JavaScript library, or box of goodies, if you will, that makes it easy to use a Google Spreadsheet as the database feeding the tables, charts and maps on a website.” (via Infovore)

  19. Boil Up

    A nice description of someone working out how to animate an underwater scene. The ambitions, discoveries and compromises involved. (via Infovore)

  20. Night and the City • Articles • Xbox 360 •

    A lovely description of exploring the 1947 world of ‘LA Noire’ with the author’s father who grew up in LA around then. (via Infovore)

  21. Infrastructure for Startups

    Even without the talk itself, Paul Hammond’s slides are a good, sensible read. (via @infovore)

  22. Play This Thing! | Game Reviews | Free Games | Independent Games | Game Culture

    “By the end, you feel as if you have experienced a form of art; it feels like poetry, though it is not, and like the best poetry, it expresses something meaningful about the human condition.” Nice review of the site I helped make a while back. (via Infovore)

  23. Adventures (in code) - Alastair Coote • I had no idea how to make custom maps, so I learnt by doing. You should too.

    Nice overview of how to get custom maps made with TileMill up and running. (via Infovore)

  24. Vim anti-patterns | Arabesque

    More handy little vim tips to try and lodge in my brain. (via Infovore)

  25. Adactio: Journal—Image-y nation

    One way to do responsive images on web pages for different-sized devices which is very reminiscent of the old LOWSRC images which I’ve been thinking about recently. (via Infovore)

  26. Vim: revisited

    Lots of handy, sensible vim tips in here to revisit later. (via Infovore)

  27. Sycorax: Bring Fictional Characters to Life on Twitter

    “Sycorax is a Twitter client, written in Python, that choreographs the online behavior of fictional characters.” Very nice. Introduces slight randomness, characters interacting, etc. (via Infovore)

  28. Martin Woodhouse - Telegraph

    “Martin Woodhouse, who has died aged 78, was a psychologist and medic, but worked variously as a novelist, scriptwriter, engineer, programmer, government planner, artificial intelligence researcher and perfumer.” That’s a life.  (via Infovore)

  29. Annotator | Open Knowledge Foundation

    Looks good. jQuery and python (or other backend) for annotating HTML pages. (via Infovore)

  30. JQuery Cycle Plugin

    Another nice, fancy slideshow thing. (via Infovore)

  31. Nathansearles’s Faded at master - GitHub

    “A super simple fading image and content viewer for jQuery” Looks good. (via Infovore)

  32. Setting Up Twitter Bots with OAuth | maSnun’s logs

    Least baffling description I’ve read. Phew. (via Infovore)

  33. Burn - Home

    Really nice and easy Mac app for burning files to different kinds of disc. Also, free. (via Infovore)

  34. Cdto - Project Hosting on Google Code

    “Fast mini application that opens a window cd’d to the front most finder window.” Lovely. (via Infovore)

  35. - Quick and simple image placeholders

    One of those things you didn’t know you needed until you saw it. Very handy. (via Infovore)

  36. Jcrop - Deep Liquid

    jQuery-based tool for letting users crop images. (via Infovore)

  37. Useful temporal functions & queries |

    Some handy little techniques in there for calculating time and date things in MySQL. (via Infovore)

  38. Flogr - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Looks like a nice way to make a portfolio site from your photos stored on Flickr. Example: (via Infovore)

  39. gRaphaël—Charting JavaScript Library

    That looks very nice indeed. (via Infovore)

  40. Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

    Sounds like an interesting, free, online book for those of us unlikely to learn real programming any time soon. (via Infovore)

  41. How To: Getting Started with Amazon EC2 —

    A good intro to EC2, which I’d like to get know better. (via Infovore)

  42. Stacey, Simplified portfolios

    “Stacey is an easier way to create a portfolio site. No database setup or installation files, simply drop the application on a server and it runs. Your content is managed by creating folders and editing text files.” Looks lovely. (via Infovore)

  43. jQuery slideViewer 1.1

    Wonderfully simple looking javascript slideshow thing. (via Infovore)

  44. The 1KB CSS Grid by Tyler Tate :: A simple, lightweight approach

    As simple as a grid-based CSS framework thing could be. (via Infovore)

  45. The Online Photographer: The Leica as Teacher

    I like this idea. Despite the follow-up explaining why only a Leica will do, I’ve just bought a decent second hand 50mm lens for my old Pentax K1000 and may give this a go. (via Infovore)

  46. Richard Nicholson Photography - ‘Last One Out, Please Turn On the Light’

    Lovely and sad photos of disappearing darkrooms. A good accompaniment to those photos of Soho record shops that went round a while back. I miss darkrooms. (via Infovore)

  47. Internet records to be stored for a year - Telegraph

    Another day another invasion of privacy. Hard to believe this stuff. I should start tagging these things. #fuckingupthecountry? (via Infovore)

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