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2012-09-26 (Wednesday)


  1. Storing private files on Amazon S3 with Django and giving authorised users temporary access

    How to do what that long title says, using signed URLs and all that stuff.


  1. Minced oaths in literature - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    “Why don’t you ram it up your pim-hole, you fusking cloff prunker.”

  2. Off The Page – David Hepworth on magazines and beyond: InPublishing

    On how much has changed. “…you could supply the NME’s news editor with a piece of information secure in the knowledge that it would not escape into the wider world for the week it took to get through the production and publication process and actually appear on the page.” (via @matlock)


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    @newspaperclub Yo!

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    @moleitau Ooh, smashing!

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    @stml Tell us new music! I’m having to play it all here and need the new!

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    @stml The five, no six, main shades of off-white, according to Frasier and Niles:…

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    @pixellent But you’d have to complain about foreign countries stealing not only your friends, but you too! (Hope you’re having a good time!)

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    @maxgadney Wait, I thought this was a conference solely for men wearing glasses! Bait and switch!

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    @matlock I thought one of the two technology companies he mentioned at the end might be Newspaper Club! Jolly good though.