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2014-01-07 (Tuesday)


  1. jeffknupp/sandman · GitHub

    Python thing that takes an existing database, creates a REST API for it, and provides you with a nice web admin interface. Handy. (via Infovore)


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    @chrislunch @mildlydiverting Or maybe you could have got involved in an exciting tale of espionage!

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    @WhitStillman Ha! It seemed great for a couple of weeks over Christmas but I guess the novelty might wear off. Willing to try though.

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    @AnnieFeighery zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (you too!)

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    @felix_cohen Every year I’m all “this year I’ll do more [verb]”. Realised that only works if I can stop other things, which is harder.

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    Two days back, got little done, knackered. Need a job involving sleeping in, followed by sitting around reading, then watching box-sets.

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    @whoisdanw Bummed?

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    RT @w3c proudly welcomes this beautiful horse that the Trojans sent us.