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2012-02-16 (Thursday)


  1. Backbone.js Wine Cellar Tutorial — Part 1: Getting Started

    Looks like a handy tutorial for using the Backbone JavaScript framework.

  2. Adventures (in code) - Alastair Coote • I had no idea how to make custom maps, so I learnt by doing. You should too.

    Nice overview of how to get custom maps made with TileMill up and running. (via Infovore)


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    I don’t so much hate Basecamp as feel disappointed there’s apparently nothing better.

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    @zzgavin While some of the markings are different, it’s hard to compare the whiskers and not conclude parts are *identical*.

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    @MROLLIEFORD Try looking at @samuelpepys' twitter bio...

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    @mildlydiverting @tomcoates Huh, I always assumed they weren't photos at all!