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2014-03-03 (Monday)


  1. the californian ideology - the hypermedia research centre - University of Westminster

    I re-read that. It all seems true still except, perhaps, the optimistic hope that Europe could be different.

  2. Being a client

    A brief bit about the new Code for America website. So worth it for all the Clearleft and pattern library related links. All of them front-end-development gold, leading to even more.

  3. vim-airline

    “Lean & mean status/tabline for vim.” I think this is nice. I don’t know any more. Tom seemed to think it was good and I haven’t added anything to my vim setup for ages. (via @infovore)


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    @al_chewy you'll know… “@alexforey: @bergcloud which company did you use to print your stickers?”

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    @felix_cohen @iamdanw I’d only leave a protest after the third Rebump.

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    Removing Explicit tracks from that US states playlist (for office-friendly listening) does mostly make it very caucasian.

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    It’s probably unbearable.

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    Spotify playlist of those most “distinctive” popular artists by US state… ref… Explicit omitted.

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    @LostLiterate @samuelpepys started tweeting on 10 May 2009… Then it went back to the start of the diary on 1 Jan 2013.

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    @phil_wright This wastage of spaces has to stop! As the population grows we must each do our part to conserve the limited resources.

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    @phil_wright Me too, but that was on a monospaced typewriter, not in the 21st century.

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    Is it wrong for my reaction to be, "Why have they put two spaces after the full-stops?" RT @bennyjohnson: GOODBYE G-8

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    OH "Ooh you've got bunting up. Are you expecting visitors?"