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2014-02-03 (Monday)


  1. russell davies: NewsNarrativeStream Q1.1

    I do like this audio news thing Russell made. Hearing it context-free, if you had no idea where it came from, would be good.

  2. Susy: Responsive grids for Compass

    Looks like a very nice way to do CSS grids if SASS and Compass are your thing. (via Infovore)


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    @genmon Not sure if you've seen Also, @MarksonQuotes.

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    @tomstuart Have you tried PHP?

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    .@undermanager made a nice audio newsy thingummy that I like:… This is a five (5) minute listen.

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    @alicebartlett #favourite

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    @alicebartlett Maybe it’s a test. To see who’s proactively fostering a culture of innovation, and who isn’t. Are you?

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    @gwire Be Cyber Streetwise!

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