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2013-11-12 (Tuesday)



  1. What are the best resources ( sites or books or tutorials ) for learning programming ?

    For future reference when someone asks this question, mainly for the first couple of answers.

  2. ngrok - secure introspectable tunnels to localhost

    Alternative to localtunnel, for making sites on your local machine visible to the world. (via Infovore)


  • philgyford’s avatar

    (Of course, I hadn’t noticed because I almost never visit Flickr these days.)

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    I hadn’t noticed that Flickr have improved the tagging on the New Photo Experience. No longer hashtags, spaces allowed. Nice.

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    Turns out I felt much the same when the gym opened. Morning!

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    @antimega Hah, I was just thinking I was having fewer problems with it recently! I thought I’d adapted to it better.

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    Wide awake, head too busy. Grrraaarrr. Could happily go to the gym right now. Bet I don’t feel the same when it’s open in six hours.