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2014-02-19 (Wednesday)



  1. Politics doesn’t change anything

    Examples of the many things changed by politics in the UK, as opposed to market-led “disruption”. (via Paul Mison)

  2. 8 Sass mixins you must have in your toolbox

    Some handy things for use with SASS. (via Infovore)

  3. Tinytype

    “Find default system fonts that exist across common mobile platforms in the form of a handy compatibility table.” (via Daring Fireball)


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    @al_chewy I am locked up!

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    @tomcoates @tominsam It’s DevArt.

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    @tomcoates @tominsam Funny you should say that; I’m currently writing HTML while singing ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ and wearing a tutu. #art

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    @tominsam Congratulations!

    (Not sure what the correct response is; that might work.)

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    @DeanVipond Yeah, it’s not a surprise, just a shame really.

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    @ammonite It’s not coming up for me… (Either way, one of my favourites!)

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    Nearly everything I built as a freelancer has disappeared from the web. Like tears that never had a physical presence anyway in rain.

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    @secretbean @JAFlanagan So good! I’d forgotten about that. Daft Swanson also makes me smile:…

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    I’ve just refactored some JavaScript. Everything still works fine. Trying to work out what I’ve done wrong.

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    @alicebartlett (There’s a t in Titchmarsh)

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    @alicebartlett Well done!

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    @pixellent I'll see if a coffee sobers me up. Otherwise the pub is the only possible solution.

    Islington, England, United Kingdom

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    I feel unpleasantly drunk.

    I don’t think I’m drunk.

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    @chrislunch Man, hard life! Be strong. :p

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    OK do I have everything... Keys wallet phone craft scalpel nail file nail polish flock tiny people tiny bicycles tiny trees acetone

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    @moleitau ask him how long the queue is, then add fifty to seventy five years