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2016-10-05 (Wednesday)


  1. MacDown: The open source Markdown editor for OS X.

    “The open source Markdown editor for OS X.” Seems nice. (via Infovore)


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    @franticassembly Thanks!

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    @franticassembly @OxfordPlayhouse I wish I could work out how to view this. I look at your Facebook page and can’t see how to watch :(

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    Quick! To the Batmobile!

    I mean desk.

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    'I'm your doctor. I didn't study medicine, but I was born within the sound of Bow bells' #cartoon

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    @DuncanWeldon looks to me like national socialism as defined by @anneapplebaum…

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    She's making a list
    She's checking it twice
    She's travelling round the land with a tattooing device
    Amber Rudd is coming to town

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    Kinda suspect the most valuable engineering flickr could do now is reimplement their login system to be independent of Yahoo.