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  1. Alternatives to The Guardian - news | Ask MetaFilter

    Some suggestions but, unsurprisingly and unfortunately, there’s no one good leftish, UK-based, news source.

  2. Conventions Minutes, August 16, 2020: Uncle Joe. Tumbleweeds in Milwaukee. The Kamala Boost.

    A new swipey daily news format. Weirdly little amount of content and the navigation feels oddly fussy. (via @tomcritchlow)

  3. The Annual Register - Wikipedia

    It “is a long-established reference work, written and published each year, which records and analyses the year’s major events, developments and trends throughout the world. It was first written in 1758…”

  4. Nachrichten | DW

    Free daily world news podcast in slowly-read German. Great for learning.

  5. The Economist’s Tom Standage on digital strategy and the limits of a model based on advertising » Nieman Journalism Lab

    Really good interview, on finishability, advertising, types of digital news models. (via Tom Taylor)

  6. Paradise Lost: How Moreover Won & Lost The Real-Time Web – RicMac

    I’d forgotten about Moreover. Seems such a long, long time ago.

  7. Newsvis | The Directory of News Visualizations

    What it says. (via The Functional Art)

  8. russell davies: NewsNarrativeStream Q1.1

    I do like this audio news thing Russell made. Hearing it context-free, if you had no idea where it came from, would be good.

  9. How Jon Snow dissing the PlayStation 4 explains why no one cares you can’t afford a house

    Oh, yes, all of this. I’m baffled how things like TV and radio news seem to be written by and for white men over 50. God, that sounds naive now I’ve written it down. Duh. But still. (via @matlock)


    I hope this new series of Adam Curtis posts on fake objectivity and neutrality analyse his own style. Really, that would be fascinating.

  11. Evening Edition

    Daily summary of the news. I couldn’t remember what it was called, so into the outboard brain it goes.

  12. The rise of bokeh photography

    The BBC’s Paul Mason on using SLRs to shoot news footage, and the different kinds of video quality there are now (cf Charlie Brooker’s recent article on news footage quality).

  13. Stoke-on-Trent Community News & Politics | Pits n Pots

    The “hyper-local” one(?) man news website that’s one of two projects to receive funding from Simon Kelner’s new Journalism Foundation.

  14. Delayed Gratification | The UK’s Quarterly Almanac | Last to breaking news

    Sounds brilliant: “a quarterly publication from The Slow Journalism Company. Each issue distils three months of the UK’s political, cultural, scientific and sporting life into a witty magazine of record.”

  15. The Guardian iPad App | The Ministry of Type

    A comprehensive, and very positive, overview of the user’s experience of the app’s design.

  16. The last spasms of a dying business model – Why the Guardian iPad App is a step into the past « The Tall Designer

    Criticisms of the Guardian’s iPad app, almost all of which I entirely disagree with.

  17. How the Guardian’s iPad app changed the way that I consumed news

    Martin Belam on the Guardian’s iPad app, and how it’s… well, it says in the title. (via Preoccupations)

  18. Discombobulated: Guardian iPad: Product challenges

    Jonathan Moore on the process of developing the new app, from a product point of view. (via Preoccupations)

  19. The Guardian iPad edition design evolution | Media |

    Images showing different stages from the process behind developing the new iPad app.

  20. Mark Porter » Blog Archive » New work: The Guardian iPad app

    His description of the design work behind the new app, which is very good indeed.

  21. How to Build a Newsroom Time Machine

    A student journalism class puts together a newspaper using manual typewriters, scalpels, glue, analogue photography, etc. Sounds like a good exercise and not just because I’m old(ish). (via Waxy)

  22. 4 key pieces of audience engagement missing from Andy Rutledge’s news redux

    Also, Martin Belam’s good critique of Andy Rutledge’s unofficial redesign of a New York Times page.

  23. Design View / Andy Rutledge - News Redux

    For completeness, I might as well link to the post that started this flurry of digital news design posts, Andy Rutledge’s attempt to redesign a page of the New York Times.

  24. Redesigning And Re-Thinking The News | Drawar

    More new stuff on redesigning news websites. This is all part of a good discussion, but it doesn’t feel like we’ve moved on much. Yet. (via Daring Fireball)

  25. Designing a big news site is about more than beauty » Nieman Journalism Lab » Pushing to the Future of Journalism

    Good thoughts on why designing news websites is hard. Maybe it’s impossible with one design: too many competing stakeholders and use cases. (via Daring Fireball)

  26. How To Run A News Site And Newspaper Using WordPress And Google Docs - 10,000 Words

    Describing how the ‘Bangor Daily News’ (Maine, USA) uses Google Docs and WordPress to publish its website and then send the text to InDesign for laying out the print paper. Includes a list of WP plugins used. (via @benhammersley)

  27. Sustaining Local Journalism: new ways of funding local reporting | City University London

    One day conference on 13 May. Might be interested for anyone interested in that post I wrote yesterday about funding online news.

  28. I will commit £23.32 per month to a citizen-run news service for Leeds… – Matt Edgar

    Interesting… trying to get a regular, quality, local, online news-site funded. Not by individual readers paying, or by one deep-pocketed entity paying, but something in between. (via gilest)

  29. The Online Photographer: The World’s Best Photography Magazine Tries a Different Revenue Model

    For the bit about “vampire” publications, which rely on the journalism of others. eg, ‘The Week’. I reckon, when/if increasing numbers of traditional publishers charge money, there will be more of these vampires — well curated, re-written content, without original journalism, on a tiny budget.

  30. MemeTracker: tracking news phrases over the web

    This is the kind of thing I was trying to do for my futures thesis in 2000, only without the data, resources or know-how. (via @aleksk)

  31. Doonesbury Strip - Oct 14, 2008

    “This *is* Rick Redfern, Post political reporter, right?” “Um… No. I write a blog now.” “Oh… I’m so sorry, man. I didn’t know.”

  32. “Satire was mostly dead in 2008 and its corpse is still cold today. What do people want in the future? I guess they want tweets.”

    Maura Johnston on focus grouping news, Twitter vs blogging, consumers vs producers of media, and loads more. (via Haddock)

  33. Dinosaur media and the Internet both suck, a Booktrust story

    Francis Irving using the Booktrust funding u-turn story as an example of how most journalism never providws basic facts and resources that, these days, should be a no brainer.

  34. Why the iPad Newspaper is Doomed

    I’m no fan of Murdoch, but I suspect this article is all wrong: Daily editions could be good; Unfocused content can be interesting; News Corp is often right; Linkability may not matter to normal people. (via @revdancatt)

  35. Mediagazer

    Don’t know if it’s good, but the method sounds interesting: “…the day’s must-read media news on a single page. … We’ve combined sophisticated automated aggregation technologies with direct editorial input from knowledgeable human editors…”

  36. Why Wikipedia beats Wikinews as a collaborative journalism project » Nieman Journalism Lab

    From Feb 2010. Wikinews’ combination of deadlines and less of a formula for story structure than Wikipedia has proved challenging for collaborative writing.

  37. Today’s News • on iPhone & iPad • Powered by the Guardian

    An iPad app that gives you a way to read The Guardian very much like my “Today’s Guardian” site. The sincerest form of flattery, I guess.

  38. Yakuza 3 reviewed by Yakuza - Boing Boing

    As @revdancatt said, news organisations should do features with custom designs, like Boing Boing have done with this one. Lovely. Interesting. Doesn’t look like the front end to a database.

  39. The Twitter Times: philgyford

    Similar to, things friends have linked to on Twitter. But… again, it assumes I’m more interested in the articles than what my friends say about them, the context. At least article text is inline, so quick to read.

  40. The Twitter Phil Gyford Daily ( is very interesting but… suffers from every problem I wrote about re finishability, readability, friction… I don’t want to read any of it. It also obscures the context (the tweets).

  41. 11 years old, on the pill and sexually active? The media loses the news again

    I’m increasingly interested in the real stories behind shouty news headlines. The kind of background digging Ben Goldacre, and Dr Petra here, does with science reporting needs to be done with most stories. (via Alice)

  42. Who is this guy? Mystery man keeps appearing on live news reports |

    Quite fascinating. Although the correct reaction these days is probably “Is this an ARG?” (via @megpickard)

  43. Welcome to our new story pages -

    Bravo for trying something a bit new. But it still looks cluttered, slightly baffling, has pop-under adverts… Feels like “LOOK AT ALL OUR STUFF!” rather than being easy to read/view. (via Daring Fireball)

  44. Doonesbury Comic Strip, June 22, 2010 on

    “It looks like a limp iPad.” “It’s called a newspaper, Sam! Go ahead, pick it up!”

  45. Live blogging the general election | Media | The Guardian

    I think this was the most useful, interesting, to-the-point, immediate, high-signal, and simply best news media I’ve experienced in a long, long time. (via Simon Willison)

  46. Rescuing The Reporters « Clay Shirky

    On how much of a local newspaper is actual news, and suggesting that they should be non-profit organisations.

  47. The 3 key parts of news stories you usually don’t get at

    We get “What just happened”. We don’t get “The longstanding facts”, “How journalists know what they know” and “The things we don’t know”. Good stuff. (via Daring Fireball)

  48. The London Gazette - Munday Septemb 3, to Munday Septemp 10, 1666

    Facsimiles of four pages of ‘The London Gazette’ reporting on the Great Fire of London. “Published by Authority”.

  49. BBC News | Technology | Vacuum-powered rubbish disposal

    “Britain’s first vacuum-powered waste-disposal system.” What, aside, for example, from Quarry Hill Flats in Leeds in the 1930s or the Barbican in the 1960s? BBC News mindlessly regurgitating press releases? Who’d have thought!

  50. April Fool Funeral at Improv Everywhere

    For the clip of the US TV news show lifting an April Fool from the Improv Everywhere site and reporting it as if it was real, without doing any checking.

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