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2010-08-06 (Friday)


  1. The Twitter Times: philgyford

    Similar to, things friends have linked to on Twitter. But… again, it assumes I’m more interested in the articles than what my friends say about them, the context. At least article text is inline, so quick to read.

  2. WebFaction : Hosts : Djangofriendly

    Sounds like a really good place to go for hosting Django websites. (Shame about the comment spam on the Djangofriendly site though.)

  3. The Twitter Phil Gyford Daily ( is very interesting but… suffers from every problem I wrote about re finishability, readability, friction… I don’t want to read any of it. It also obscures the context (the tweets).

  4. Massive Censorship Of Digg Uncovered « OOO

    Fascinating look at a group of conservative Digg members who vote down Digg stories they disagree with. A few years ago this would be science fiction. (via Waxy)


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    Enjoying the free Oxford English dictionary in the new Kindle iPhone app. (Although it is Friday night and I'm reading a dictionary.)

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    Good here, innit.

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    @revdancatt I hate the new outraged comments about change! Why didn't anyone warn me they were coming? Can't we go back to the old outrage?

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    (In case you were wondering about that body at the Barbican I mentioned a few days ago, it was suicide. News article: )

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    @caxtonian Brighton... is that in Zone 2? :)

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    Fuelled by coffee and pecan pie from our new local Taylor St Baristas shed, and helpful webserver wisdom from @tomtaylor and @jwheare.

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    Just ordered an Apple Ethernet RJ45, 10Base-T, NuBus Card. #nostalgia