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2011-04-02 (Saturday)


  1. The Online Photographer: The World’s Best Photography Magazine Tries a Different Revenue Model

    For the bit about “vampire” publications, which rely on the journalism of others. eg, ‘The Week’. I reckon, when/if increasing numbers of traditional publishers charge money, there will be more of these vampires — well curated, re-written content, without original journalism, on a tiny budget.


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    Enjoyed 'Submarine'. But a little uncertain about the knowing look my wife gave me after one of Oliver's little geeky monologues.

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    1) Find music via Shazam. 2) Listen to that music on iTunes Store. 3) Buy that music on Amazon.

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    Buying jeans or t-shirts is hard enough. Buying clothes that are anything else is unfathomable. Aborting mission.

    Camden, England, United Kingdom

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    If You Tolerate Bis, Kenickie Will be Next very much lived up to its name. A lovely, small, night. 'Tonight We Fly' one of many highlights.