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2015-03-24 (Tuesday)


  1. MyWord Editor is open source

    Could be good. Who knows. I like the idea anyway. Blog-hosting server and client, both open source. (via @benbrown)

  2. The New Euston Station 1968 (PDF)

    It looks so modern and clean and spacious and pleasant. Unlike today’s reality.

  3. Paradise Lost: How Moreover Won & Lost The Real-Time Web – RicMac

    I’d forgotten about Moreover. Seems such a long, long time ago.


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    @denisewilton I'd love it if he reached out and turned that awful music off, because it was actually playing in the room/tractor.

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    @whoisdanw Have you seen this 1968 brochure for Euston? Those artist's impressions look, inevitably, so clean and open and modern.

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    UPS delivery due in 3 days. says to sign up for detailed info. I sign up. Now: wait 4-5 days for activation by post.

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    @chrislunch @hondanhon It doesn't really matter.

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    @hondanhon The more opinions you have, the less attention they pay.