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2010-07-28 (Wednesday)


  1. JavaScript Compressor and Comparison Tool

    Paste some JavaScript in and get it compressed by various compressors.

  2. Ben Alman » jQuery Misc plugins - jQuery queueFn

    “Execute any jQuery method or arbitrary function in the animation queue.” Handy, and I keep forgetting where to find it. (via Simon Willison a while back)

  3. Who is this guy? Mystery man keeps appearing on live news reports |

    Quite fascinating. Although the correct reaction these days is probably “Is this an ARG?” (via @megpickard)

  4. Connecting Historical Authorities with Links, Contexts and Entities

    “We want to help create an historic placename gazetteer for the UK, publish it as Linked Data and link it to other widely-used sources of placename reference information on the semantic web.”


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    @plsj Work on UK time - you've got a few more hours, you'll be fine!

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    The body of a young woman was found at one of the residents' car parks at the Barbican this morning. :( No more info.

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    @wendyinfutures Re small housing... "bedsits" became "studio apartments" and now they're being called "suites":

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    @megpickard It's very tacky. But then there are so many annoying ways that people use Twitter... if they all stopped it'd be silent here.