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2018-04-14 (Saturday)


  1. Sara Renberg - ‘Night Sands’

    I’m enjoying this album which possibly isn’t like That Dog. And I liked Leif Vollebekk too.


  1. The Annual Register - Wikipedia

    It “is a long-established reference work, written and published each year, which records and analyses the year’s major events, developments and trends throughout the world. It was first written in 1758…”


  • philgyford’s avatar

    @simonw Ha, thanks. Same here. But however I originally figured out how to do it didn’t use twine and feels out-of-date.

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    @simonw Do you know a good, up-to-date guide to putting things on PyPI? I’ve managed it before but every time I look again for guides they’re old and/or conflicting.