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2011-06-22 (Wednesday)


  1. Week 315 – Blog – BERG

    Epic week notes from Matt Webb on growing and nurturing BERG. It’s an honour to work just the other side of a door from these folks.

  2. Flickrgram

    “A quick hack to present your Flickr contacts’ recent photos as a flat list for iPhone” a la Instagram, by Tom Insam. Is handy and nice.

  3. How To Run A News Site And Newspaper Using WordPress And Google Docs - 10,000 Words

    Describing how the ‘Bangor Daily News’ (Maine, USA) uses Google Docs and WordPress to publish its website and then send the text to InDesign for laying out the print paper. Includes a list of WP plugins used. (via @benhammersley)


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    @alruii I don't think we've properly established if the French like their children yet though.

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    @alruii I am watching much of this with hands over my ears. Amazing stupidity even by Apprentice standards.

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    For those interested: I sold as I was doing nothing with it and the new owners had ideas. I wish them luck! (cc @si_roberts)