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2011-02-01 (Tuesday)


  1. When Should I Visit Science Museum?

    What a lovely idea - which museums are most or least likely to be busy today?

  2. Rawktumblr

    “The hunt for the next big thing has become a daily harvest of hundreds of next embarrassingly small things.” A bit more musing about music journalism/blogging today. (via Haddock)

  3. Sean In Tumblr

    “For journalists, bloggers and music fans in general, there is no real way to justify listening to one thing over another…” How a music website, never mind your average punter, struggles to cope with the amount of music around today. (via Haddock)

  4. “Satire was mostly dead in 2008 and its corpse is still cold today. What do people want in the future? I guess they want tweets.”

    Maura Johnston on focus grouping news, Twitter vs blogging, consumers vs producers of media, and loads more. (via Haddock)


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    @spaceboy @megp @crystaltips Don't listen to her! There is nothing beyond the Fleet River but demons and ghouls! So told the old ones.

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    @kassita The presence of a horse would blur the fashion statement. I think a hobby horse would work though...

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    @spaceboy If you're working in Shoreditch you could be wearing spurs, thigh-high riding boots and a cape and no one would blink.

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    @beekernortham My ears, they burn!

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    Darn: Time for my conference call but Rastamouse hasn’t found the cheese yet!

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    @crystaltips HELLO!

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    @spaceboy @crystaltips @joroach @benoonbenoon Who’s the village idiot? Oh, if I have to ask then maybe it’s... hmm.

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    Genuinely one of the most extraordinary groups of people in the world at the moment, the Really Interesting Group: