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2010-06-24 (Thursday)



  1. A List Apart: Articles: Responsive Web Design

    Good description of making more flexible, multi-device HTML/CSS structures. For those of you not caring about IE support.

  2. Doonesbury Comic Strip, June 22, 2010 on

    “It looks like a limp iPad.” “It’s called a newspaper, Sam! Go ahead, pick it up!”

  3. » When board leaders fail to grasp technology

    On how company bosses treat IT as an expensive, unnecessary, incomprehensible thing. (via Dan Hon)


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    Jerusalem Tavern with @tedmills, St Peter's beer proving worryingly easy to drink.

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    Switched the tennis on just in time to... miss the game.

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    I know it's only a click, but I'd read much, much more of the LRB Blog if it had a full RSS feed.

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    Working from home, in anticipation of the arrival of the @tedmills from the America. (By "working" I mean making my Scott Pilgrim avatar.)

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    @heliostatic I'll try and write up the scrollbar jiggle JavaScript fix sometime. Glad you like the site!

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    I usually hate Humphreys' hectoring, but I don't think he could be too tough with Clegg.