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2010-11-25 (Thursday)


  1. Why the iPad newspaper might not be doomed

    Rupert Murdoch’s forthcoming iPad newspaper might not be a failure.

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  1. Coderholic’s django-cities at master - GitHub

    Models, with data from GeoNames, for countries, regions, cities and districts, for Django. Haven’t used it yet, but looks very useful.

  2. Moon Wiring Club – The Jayston Mix | Pontone

    Another free mix, this time devoted to actor Michael Jayston. (If I could find Moon Wiring Club’s album to download and pay for anywhere, I would…)

  3. The Wire: The ASDA mix - a Moon Wiring Club exclusive

    Fun, free mix of 1970sish British TV music type hauntology malarkey.

  4. Warren Ellis » Guest Informant: Moon Wiring Club

    Some interesting-sounding music here, although obscurity and lack of bloody links makes it a bit annoying to listen and/or buy.

  5. Why the iPad Newspaper is Doomed

    I’m no fan of Murdoch, but I suspect this article is all wrong: Daily editions could be good; Unfocused content can be interesting; News Corp is often right; Linkability may not matter to normal people. (via @revdancatt)


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    Yay! @maryloosemore's team wins her work pub quiz, and Misfits Season 1 interactive thing wins a BIMA! Congrats to the rest of the gang :)

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    @ianbetteridge Oh I know. I'm sure Murdoch is quaking in his boots over articles like that wondering about the quality of his journalism.

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    @ianbetteridge Yeah, new media cheerleaders so often seem as blinkered and clueless as they say old media folk are.

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    @ianbetteridge @revdancatt I wrote a thing about why Murdoch's iPad paper might not be doomed: