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Writing tagged Personal

  1. A homepage, the power of design, and “consulting”

    I spent some of the summer consulting at the BBC on the future direction of their homepage. “Consulting” is a new experience for me.

  2. Summer plans

    A quick update on what I’m up to… Term finished a couple of weeks ago and the world of…

  3. Five things you don’t know about me

    Matt Webb prompted me to write about five things most people don’t know about me.

  4. Not available now, but in future…

    I’ve found work for now, but here’s what my availability’s going to be like until next summer.

  5. Phil for hire, now

    At the time of writing, due to a large corporation endlessly faffing, I’m free for work until college starts.

  6. Work in 2006

    For a bit of balance, forgetting the acting, here’s how I’ve been spending my work time this year so far.

  7. My new site

    I’ve re-built my site. It’s taken way, way too long. Here are lots of details about what’s new and what I’ve done.

  8. Ugh

    I’ve been ill.

  9. Back online already

    A BT engineer mysteriously appeared only hours after I complained about how it would take them a week to come round.

  10. If you see Sid, tell him the future’s broken

    Our phone line’s gone but it’s going to take BT a week to get round to fixing it. This is the future!?

  11. I’m OK too

    I’m OK. You OK?

  12. Royal Society of Chemistry’s new website

    I built the templates for the Royal Society of Chemistry’s new website, which recently launched.

  13. First time floating voter

    Because I can’t face voting Labour, I’m now a floating voter. I’m trying to decide who to vote for.

  14. Holidays and urban spaces

    We went to Avingon, Orange and Montpellier. The latter has a nasty modern development which isn’t a patch on its older parts as a pleasant environment.

  15. Vote for me and Jamie Oliver!, which I built with Poke, is up for a Webby award. So go and vote for it!

  16. HTML wot I wrote

    I spent a lot of time doing the HTML/CSS templates for a new version of Wood Mackenzie’s site (although you’ve, justifiably, probably never heard of them).

  17. Flickr article for BBC News

    I wrote an article about Flickr for BBC News Online last week, and it reminded me how different writing professionally is to all this personal publishing stuff.

  18. Server moving… (and Byliner, Overmorgen and Pepys’ Diary) is moving to a new server… so there may be some broken things around over the next few days. Sorry about that.

  19. Ten years on

    I’ve been online exactly ten years. It’s been amazing, but I don’t know where I’m going from here.

  20. More fiddling

    A couple of changes to what I’m doing with - if you bookmarked my page or feed you may want to change it slightly…

  21. My links have moved to

    Migrating to was made easier with a handy guide, but I’m still having problems getting things to work.

  22. Adaptive design course

    I’m running a five-afternoon course in London called “Designing for Adaptation”, starting next week.

  23. 1 bed flat for sale in Hackney

    I’m selling my flat in the art deco style Strand Building in London. Come buy it!

  24. Big head

    Those cheeky chappies at Poke stuck my big face to a wall.

  25. Dabbling

    Last summer I tried my hand at painting, after nine years of doing none. It went OK, and I did three paintings I was quite pleased with, but damn, it’s hard work.