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2016-11-11 (Friday)


  1. Thanks Leonard

    I used a bit of one of Leonard Cohen’s songs on a dating service.



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    @dracos Brilliant!

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    @joroach Those are the lines that sprung to my mind this morning too.

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    @iamdanw It’s like either service has only one way its users use it.

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    Everyone who buys advertising should listen to Zuckerberg saying that Facebook is ineffective at influencing people.…

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    3) But my biggest takeaway has been that racists don't know they are, and often regard "racism" as a false category for a *natural feeling*

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    *sees a dude buying an MBV reissue on vinyl* Lol ok dad god older men are ridiculous *sees Rez out on PS4* Sorry, I can't come out tonight