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Writing tagged Personal

  1. Toy shop

    Once upon a time there was a magical toy shop. And it’s still there today.

  2. EtCon photos

    I’ll shut up about the bloody thing soon, but until then, here’s the handful of photos…

  3. EtCon day 3

    More good stuff: How Google stays good, nanotech and tiny devices, lots of collaborative notes.

  4. EtCon day 2

    Alan Kay’s amazing Squeak, Clay praising Pepys’ Diary, Stewart Butterfield on games, and too much more.

  5. The first day of EtCon sessions

    Surviving a migraine, I managed to catch some sessions that ranged from fascinating to “oh my god, who are these people!?”

  6. Another day in San Jose

    We got a lovely reception when we arrived to register at Etcon on Tuesday morning. The lady with…

  7. Riding on city buses for a hobby is sad

    Lots of slow travelling around Silicon Valley as friends gradually colonise the area.

  8. Heading to EtCon

    It’s all very last minute, but next week I’ll be attending the O’Reilly Emerging…

  9. More UpMyStreet

    Coverage of the continuing UpMyStreet administration and analogies for Administrators.

  10. UpMyStreet Falco

    UpMyStreet, my employer, is up for sale.

  11. New old photos

    Photos of Madrid, Chamonix, Philadelphia and Walton-on-the-Naze in Essex.

  12. Babies galore

    Ada, Aasta and Oskar.

  13. Broxtt’s blog

    This week a few of us at work have been giggling quietly while creating a fake weblog for our…

  14. Micro marketing

    If you live in Barnet or St Albans and want to learn to draw or paint then you need Insight. I…

  15. Books read and to be read

    Lists of books I’ve read each year, what I’m reading now and what’s sitting on…

  16. Giving and the Jhai Foundation

    For me it’s finally time to start giving.

  17. The stationary city

    Waiting for a gridlock-sparked revolution in London.

  18. More Pepys and me

    Slashdotting isn’t as fearful as it once was. Radio is very exciting. My voice is OK.

  19. “Wisdom you can’t get from a terminal”

    A spur of the moment decision yesterday evening resulted in going to see the film Avalon an hour…

  20. A new home

    This site is now nestling comfortably in its new home. Many, many thanks to Danny, James, Lee and…

  21. On the move… may well be moving to a new server soon, so things might go a little awry. Hold on…

  22. “I will not tolerate infestation!”

    My flat is still. The walls are white, the floors look like wood and nothing moves other than the…

  23. Burning Man photos

    Better late than never… I’ve finally selected, adjusted, resized and cropped my Burning…

  24. A flat-buying diary

    A couple of weeks ago I finally completed the purchase of a one-bedroom flat in London. Back in…