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Writing tagged Personal

  1. Back from California

    Etcon highlights, a couple of days in LA, and a tempered enthusiasm for America.

  2. Pre-conference fun

    What I got up to on Monday in San Diego. Walking, CDs, books, burger, horse shoeing, Mexican.

  3. Back when 1KB was more than enough

    A photo of my family gathered around the roaring flicker of a ZX81’s black and white display.

  4. Bah, kids today…

    The excitement and thrills of living in London, where you too could get knocked off your bike by a gang of aimless teenagers!

  5. This year’s non-resolutions

    Things I hope to do more of in 2004 that really aren’t resolutions at all, oh no.

  6. And then the bar code reader breaks

    ‘Seinfeld’s Newman on the mail.

  7. Ideas Bazaar redesign

    I’ve just done a redesign and build of the company’s website, which I found enormously satisfying.

  8. Marching

    Yesterday’s Anti-Bush march, and thinking of ways to make such protests have a larger impact on those who don’t take part.

  9. Action Energy

    I spent a couple of weeks copying and pasting text into the redesigned site. Even though it has a content management system.

  10. Delancey and 2nd St

    Eddie Morton, ‘The Sound of Vaudeville’, and my photo of his neighbourhood.

  11. Family Tree

    I’ve just drawn up the (partial) Gyford Family Tree.

  12. Heading south for the winter

    My sister’s making an unusual career move…

  13. This week’s culture

    This week I’ve seen Douglas Coupland talk and I’ve heard ‘Newsnight: The Opera’. I missed Gillian Welch and Burning Man.

  14. Hire me!

    I’m looking for freelance or contract web building and/or designing work. I comment my code!

  15. Arthur Brown, 1914-2003

    Distant Christmas memories of the Essex historian, who died in March.

  16. So, it’s over

    Rate it “10” Phew.

  17. Soon, it will be over

    It was just one of those days, of salvation and loss.

  18. Once in a lifetime offer! Employ today!

    Not one, but two wondrous web talents are available for work. Hurry along, don’t miss your chance!

  19. Snow crash

    Is this car art or wank? You decide!

  20. Paris photos and Kyupi Kyupi

    Photos and strange art from a recent long weekend in Paris.

  21. Learning biotech

    I want to know something about biotech, but I know nothing about anything.

  22. Toy shop

    Once upon a time there was a magical toy shop. And it’s still there today.

  23. EtCon photos

    I’ll shut up about the bloody thing soon, but until then, here’s the handful of photos…

  24. EtCon day 3

    More good stuff: How Google stays good, nanotech and tiny devices, lots of collaborative notes.

  25. EtCon day 2

    Alan Kay’s amazing Squeak, Clay praising Pepys’ Diary, Stewart Butterfield on games, and too much more.