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2008-10-14 (Tuesday)


  1. Making websites

    Looking back at the web work I’ve done over the past year.

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  1. Soul sides: The Soul Sides’ “Under Covers” Mix for

    Thanks for this, lovely stuff. One thing: You missed Afrosound’s, ‘Jungle Fever’ off the track…


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    Shame the new MacBooks / MBPs are more expensive than the old ones.

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    Some tasty afternoon listening: (Just ignore who the first band are.)

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    It's taken more than a few weeks of computin' but I think I'm finally what can be called On Top Of Things.

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    Apple Store just phoned, thanking me for giving them (moaning) feedback after a purchase there. How nice. Maybe I'll give them more money.

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    Wondering what Autumn 2008's Vintage / Halloween / Steampunk wedding-goer is wearing, and where they find it.