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Uses this

I have the honour of being the 963rd person featured on Uses This, “a collection of nerdy interviews asking people from all walks of life what they use to get the job done.”

Since I wrote that I’ve stopped using Atom in favour of Visual Studio Code, which feels a bit snappier. The search for the perfect text editor never ends. As with every previous editor change I’ve made I had to spend a lot of time configuring tiny details to make it feel like “home”, and I’m now using a mixture of keystrokes from Atom, vim and VS Code itself. There are several things I find annoying about it but maybe slightly fewer things than I find annoying about Atom?

Also, now I read it back, I assume these days more people, if any, would know me from Crazy Walls or Our Incredible Journey than Today’s Guardian. Who knows. Anyway, There we go.

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