Joining Really Interesting Group

One of the best things about 2010 was sharing an office with some lovely people following several years of working from home. This year some of us are taking that a step further and I’m honoured to say that I’m joining Really Interesting Group.

Myself, James Bridle, Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino and Gareth Williams are joining RIG’s Ben Terrett, Russell Davies and Tom Taylor so that we can work on more things together.

After years of fairly solo freelancing I’ve been craving the chance to collaborate more closely with people and I couldn’t hope to have found a more friendly, fun and clever bunch to start plotting with.

You can read more about the team and, if you think we could help you or your organisation with making things, thinking about things, talking about things or writing about things (that’s about as specific as it gets), do email us.

I’ll probably still be doing some freelance work alongside all this excitement so, as usual, drop me a line if something comes up. For the past few months I’ve been doing some interesting work for Google on a new thing and, as that winds down, I’m now starting work on a fun thing with Hide&Seek.

So many “things”, so much to do. Onward.


  • Gosh, that's an intellectual alembic. Fantastic news.

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25 Jan 2011 at Twitter

  • 5:37pm: @gwire "Organise your popular revolution on our ailing social network in return for insurgency training and cellphone credit!"
  • 3:04pm: @pixellent YES!
  • 2:58pm: That link should be working again now: . Fun, exciting stuff ahead with an expanded @riglondon supergroup, hurrah!
  • 2:40pm: @robertmchardy Thanks, but it's all being capably handled by someone at the moment. Soon...
  • 2:23pm: Almost funny… People shouting about @1and1's DNS being down… they've tweeted nothing in a week, status page says "All systems functional".
  • 1:57pm: Apologies. DNS issues. Let's pretend I didn't say anything yet. Nothing to see here.
  • 1:52pm: @crystaltips @realmonkeybear Apologies - Engineering are looking into the server issue. #alreadyonbrand
  • 1:46pm: Yay! I'm now available individually or in a Really Interesting Group variety pack! Lovely folks.
  • 9:07am: @megpickard Isn't the "artfully tousled" look what half the men in London spend time and money on these days?