Completely different things

Pepys’ Diary has been getting a bit of press recently, mostly due to its inclusion in Ultimate Blogs: Masterworks from the Wild Web by Sarah Boxer (Amazon US, UK).

One thing that’s tickled me is that in all the reviews of the book that mention my site, I’m referred to as something like “Phil Gyford, a web designer and programmer” because that’s what my bio in the book says. But then this article in the Wall Street Journal, which mentions Pepys’ Diary briefly, describes me as a “British actor”. I like being described as two completely different things in the same week.


  • That's because the WSJ saw the photo of you with the beard!

    Well done, by the way, this is the third? press cycle for the Diary...

  • Love the beard Phil. As does all my family.
    No idea if this was any contribution either way
    However the Pepys' thing is "Well Jackson" as they say on Charlie Brooker's CIF site.

  • And, if you hadn't spotted it, this weeks' Time Out (50 Best London Websites) calls you a "web consultant" :-)

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