Moving from Delicious to Pinboard

I’ve finally got round to moving from storing interesting links at Delicious and will now only be using Pinboard, where I’m still ‘philgyford’. So if you want to keep up with that, you can do it there. Here’s the RSS feed.

I would have moved months ago, when most people I know made the switch. Delicious seemed much neglected then and I’m not convinced that now, post re-launch, it’s going in a direction that interests me. Pinboard is simple and quick and I love the way Maciej Ceglowski is going about improving things and interacting with the site’s users. I hope he can keep it up.

The reason I didn’t make the complete switch sooner was because I thought it’d be a pain to change my rickety perl script that copies links to my own site from Delicious, to have it copy from Pinboard instead. I knew that the site’s APIs were almost identical, but I didn’t realise it’d be so easy to tell the Net::Delicious module to fetch from a different source. It was very easy, the digital glue that joins the Internet’s small pieces at its best.

Also, after having a Net::Delicious-aided script chugging away for years, I just now realised the module is by the amazing Aaron Straup Cope who I’d never heard of when I first set the script up. Hello Aaron! What a small world.

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6 Oct 2011 at Twitter

  • 9:03pm: @paulpod Yeah, seems a good idea now, but I’m not sure how I’ll react when I blearily fire it up first thing in the morning…
  • 8:44pm: My new, slightly intimidating, iPad lock screen: “Do you really need to check Twitter? Make something insanely great!”
  • 6:47pm: @sallbee @samuelpepys didn't write anything for a couple of weeks. There are brief updates on his travels here:
  • 4:45pm: @mdales I’m importing local settings at end of, but it seems you can’t extend MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES or INSTALLED_APPS in local.
  • 3:51pm: @katylindemann I meant more your tweet, rather than seeing each other face to face, but never mind :)
  • 3:48pm: I so wish there was a way to manage default and local settings in Django that didn’t feel like a hack. I’ve wasted so much time on it.
  • 1:59pm: @benterrett If only you could see what he’s up to. I’d love to see your face.
  • 1:54pm: “Look, that’s the Post-it! THIS WAS A PLAN!”
  • 1:45pm: @katylindemann It’s a good job no one round here tries to have secret lunch meetings :)
  • 1:33pm: “There’s no string in here. Only Lego and Nerf protection eyewear.”
  • 11:25am: @lovefilm Maybe you could teach your salesmen to knock/ring at the front door, rather than wander in to offices through open back doors.
  • 10:08am: Before the “Browser testing” ticket I should have added a separate “Upgrade VMWare and Windows” ticket. #boring #soslow
  • 7:22am: Oh. Much sadder than I expected about Steve Jobs. Oh.

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