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  1. Design is part of the furniture | RIBAJ

    Lovely wooden factory for Vitsoe. (via @cityofsound)

  2. How Civilization Started | The New Yorker

    John Lanchester on re-evaluating the ease of life for hunter gatherers vs settled societies. (via @cityofsound)

  3. Who’s killing the (self-driving) electric car? – Startup Grind – Medium

    Good on predictions about self-driving and/or electric cars, and why the two improvements may not happen together. (via @cityofsound)

  4. Untangling the Tale of Ada Lovelace—Stephen Wolfram Blog

    Nice summary of Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage. I realised how little I actually knew about them. (via @cityofsound)

  5. Post-Internet Sound

    Holly Herndon & Jennifer Walshe: “we are attempting to put together an archive of sound and music works dealing with the internet since its inception” (via @cityofsound)

  6. BMW i3: corporate strategy dream that ends in a nightmare? | Anand Babu | LinkedIn

    A look at how the i3, and the DriveNow service, suffers from its terrible software and service design - the car’s fine, range aside. It’s fascinating to see the car industry changing, or trying to. (via @cityofsound)

  7. The Sun is wrong: speeding drivers are criminals | Comment is free | The Guardian

    Yes to all of this. If you drive and you’re unable to keep below the speed limit you shouldn’t be allowed on the road. (via @cityofsound)

  8. The Real Review: a bi-monthly architecture magazine by Jack Self — Kickstarter

    Sounds good: backed. I might have pledged more if the guy could have managed a smile. (via @cityofsound)

  9. A Year of Reflection — Today’s Office — Medium

    Jan Chipchase on design studios, taking risks, his year of “creat[ing] the minimum viable process and infrastructure to be able to take on challenging projects that can have significant impact, and do good work.” (via @cityofsound)

  10. zupamarket_en

    Brutalist tower block paper cut-out models, with a set of London buildings. (via @cityofsound)

  11. Sam Jacob Opinion column on modern protests

    On how vague so many protests are, and how they involve almost random signs, so long as they generate publicity. (via @cityofsound)

  12. Chromatophobia: My Fear of Color: Observatory: Design Observer

    Michael Bierut on his cluelessness about how to choose colours. I’m glad it’s not just me. (via @cityofsound)

  13. Old Street – putting the genie back in the bottle? | The power of the network

    Yes (except when he says “Old Street” he means “Old Street Roundabout”). Putting a big building in the middle of a horrific, people-unfriendly space won’t help much. I’d go further: pedestrianise everything from the Foundry to the roundabout. (via @cityofsound)

  14. How a high-rise craze is ruining London’s skyline | Art and design | The Observer

    “Strata waddles into the background from stage left, like SpongeBob SquarePants in a production of Hamlet.” Yes, all this. (via @cityofsound)

  15. Noah Raford » Complete PhD Online

    “Large Scale Participatory Futures Systems: a Comparative Study of Online Scenario Planning Approaches” focused on the field of urban planning. I would like to work out how to make time to read this. (via @cityofsound)

  16. Chasing a Sound in your Head (

    I love ‘Red Dead Redemption’ but this is exactly right. If I ever show a video game to a non-gamer there are always oddities you, even now, have to explain away with “that’s just how things are in games”. (via @cityofsound)

  17. Why “#StartUpBritain” is nothing more than a government backed link farm

    Good stuff about the embarrassing content-free coupon-fest that is Start Up Britain. (via @cityofsound)

  18. Utopia London

    Awesome-looking film, about post-war modernist housing development in London. There’s a screening near Farringdon on 14 Dec. Also, where’s the map in the ‘About’ section from? (via City of Sound)

  19. K-punk: London litened

    A nice description from 2008 of a London where everyone is reading those bloody free newspapers. (via City of Sound)

  20. CityEngine

    I love watching this kind of stuff. “And… generate the buildings.” (via City of Sound)

  21. County of london plan 1945 - a set on Flickr

    “excerpts from a small booklet explaining the ideas behind the official County of London Plan.” Lovely.

  22. The Measures Taken: Penthouse and Pavement

    Longer version of his ‘Guardian’ article, with pictures and links, about the BBC 2 documentary about Sheffield’s brutalist Park Hill estate (worth catching on iPlayer). I wish the developers weren’t able to destroy so much of the place. (via City of Sound)

  23. Google LatLong: Pound the pavement

    Google Maps can now give you walking directions. A quick couple of comparisons in London showed it doesn’t know about as many pedestrian-only alleys etc as Yet. (via City of Sound)

  24. Drivers of Change

    A thing from Arup that would be directly up the street of me eight years ago. And maybe sometime in the future. (via City of Sound)

  25. Bristol - Real Time Information

    Real-time information of buses’ departure from bus stops, tracking buses fitted with GPS. Not the most beautifully implemented thing in the world but it looks like it works (eg, try postcode “BS1 5TR”). (via City of Sound)

  26. Die Stadt, Frans Masereel, 1925

    Great wood cuts. (via City of Sound)

  27. New National Office for Arts Council England

    Interesting site about the history of offices. (via City Of Sound)

  28. Analog audio tape cassette nostalgia -

    Pictures of tapes. There used to be a huge Japanese page that had all the pictures on one page, but that’s gone and this is more convenient. How quaint. (via City of Sound)

  29. Flatlife - Google Video

    Fantastic, simple, funny animation you should watch. (via City of Sound)

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