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2015-09-30 (Wednesday)


  1. 115 Ways to Scream ‘Status’ — The Cut

    Some of this is good - things which are high status in particular niches. And yet many of them will mean nothing to anyone outside the niche. (via Kottke)

  2. Deckset for Mac: Turn your notes into beautiful presentations

    Presentation app that uses Markdown files. Aside from the current inability to create or edit the themes, it seems really nicely done. And currently 75% off. (via @rooreynolds)

  3. The Real Review: a bi-monthly architecture magazine by Jack Self — Kickstarter

    Sounds good: backed. I might have pledged more if the guy could have managed a smile. (via @cityofsound)


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    For lovers of cable cars as public transport solution:… Unclear if the image is from the newspaper or councillor.

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    @english_sheila He wasn’t fond of ‘Romeo & Juliet’ a few months ago:…

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    @ONS Thanks for your help.

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    @ONS I did; that worked. I was just expecting the XLS to be more robust. Never mind.

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    @ONS Ah - I’m using Numbers on a Mac. .xls files usually open fine.

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    @ONS Sure - it’s the XLS file on…

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    I downloaded a .xls file from @ONS and all I got was… well, that’s novel.

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    Testy test.