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2016-04-12 (Tuesday)

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  1. Why do they bury the booking ref description? (Noisy Decent Graphics)

    Except sometimes you don’t want the booking reference at all, because that’s not the number you…

  2. The Guardian view on online abuse: building the web we want | Editorial | Technology | The Guardian

    I’m not entirely sure what it is that you’re after, as the article seems a bit confusing. Are you…


  1. [messaging] Modern anti-spam and E2E crypto

    Fascinating summary, from 2014, of the problems with blocking email spam and how end-to-end encryption affects that.

  2. Post-Internet Sound

    Holly Herndon & Jennifer Walshe: “we are attempting to put together an archive of sound and music works dealing with the internet since its inception” (via @cityofsound)


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    @rooreynolds I’ve been waiting aaaages.

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    @hondanhon @tomcoates @genmon @infovore @tomtaylor It’s too late now. Typical American!

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    @tomtaylor I’ve got too many blogs already Tom!

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    @tomtaylor No, they’re wrong. 😛

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    “Everyone should be free of harassment on the web, but keep away from email and Twitter clients and Snapchat and the Facebook app and…”

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    I know I can be overly pedantic, but doesn’t this campaign suggest a basic misunderstanding of “web” vs “internet”?…

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    Brassneck / BRASSNECK / I just decided I don’t trust you anymore

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    This barred list from the Half Moon pub in Herne Hill is incredible, it's like a Guy Ritchie casting call

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