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2017-10-25 (Wednesday)


  1. The War To Sell You A Mattress Is An Internet Nightmare | Fast Company

    The interaction between the internet and “the real world” (i.e. selling objects) has become odder than I would have imagined.

  2. How Civilization Started | The New Yorker

    John Lanchester on re-evaluating the ease of life for hunter gatherers vs settled societies. (via @cityofsound)

  3. Statistical NLP on OpenStreetMap: Part 2 – Al Barrentine – Medium

    On getting computers to recognise the parts of all formats of street addresses from around the world. Amazing, even/especially the bits I don’t understand.

  4. Fuck You And Die: An Oral History of Something Awful - Motherboard

    I’m not sure I was ever really aware of these forums at the time but I do like a good early-days-of-web oral history.


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    Got that “I should go to more gigs” feeling. Just like last time I had it two or three years ago. Looking forward to 2020!

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    @hondanhon @crouchingbadger OK Don, I have set a timer for one minute.

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    @crouchingbadger @hondanhon Jokes is an amusing quips or stories, a witticisms, anything said or done for funs, or anything that or anyone who provokes a laughs.

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    @hondanhon I love jokes. Jokes make me LOL. But they are only jokes.

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    @hondanhon Shit I’m OK, Don.

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    How would mankind plot an uprising against the AIs when they can see and hear everyth

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    Single-player games at their best can be a transcendent experience; I don’t enjoy multiplayer at all.…

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    The reality is, aside from some rare outliers (HZD, BotW), single player games aren't making money while multiplayer games dominate 4/