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2010-11-13 (Saturday)


  1. Scattered Satellites - Purdom, Abercrombie, Hilberseimer, MARS - Links

    Click the thumbnail of the 1943 ‘The County of London Plan’. Lovely, lovely map of London’s rough areas, as queried earlier (thanks Blech).

  2. CBRD » Histories » Ringways » Background » Wartime plans

    I like the colours of the County Of London Plan, 1943.

  3. Utopia London

    Awesome-looking film, about post-war modernist housing development in London. There’s a screening near Farringdon on 14 Dec. Also, where’s the map in the ‘About’ section from? (via City of Sound)


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    @danhon That's one Julia Stiles each! Neither of us will have to get rid of the other after all!

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    Sometimes, Transport For London's inability to provide transport for London is an astounding achievement. Evening ruined.

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    Listened to INXS's 'Kick' for the first time in 20 years. Waves of nostalgia failed to wash over me. No need to repeat for another 20.