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7 December 2012


  1. Old Street – putting the genie back in the bottle? | The power of the network

    Yes (except when he says “Old Street” he means “Old Street Roundabout”). Putting a big building in the middle of a horrific, people-unfriendly space won’t help much. I’d go further: pedestrianise everything from the Foundry to the roundabout. (via @cityofsound)


  • philgyford’s avatar’s Mix Radio is totally my favourite algorithmic DJ, and it’s on a roll this evening.

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    @tomcoates Unfortunately, Aaron Grrrr was only a Vice President.

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    @pixellent Is that tiny thing a bottle of vodka?

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    @cackhanded @paulpod In fairness to W3Schools, what they say about the caption tag is correct. Paul misread it…

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    @paulpod Are you sure it’s gone in 5?…

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    If you must spend £50m on an Old St project: pedestrianise from The Foundry east; make roundabout a t-junction; make City Rd cycle-friendly.