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2006-07-28 (Friday)


  1. Encore Theatre Magazine

    The weblog is back in fine form with lots of top-flight passionate ranting.

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  1. Cityofsound: Brunswick Centre, London

    I walked past the other day and it does look swish, although, yes, Skoob Books will be missed. But…


  1. :en Metcalfe Blog » Blog Archive » Finally, BBC Weather RSS and JSON feeds

    What a mess. “Do you know that I have a history of doing this?? It’s expected of me.” This isn’t a successful line of defence in a courtroom and it doesn’t work here either.

  2. 146 miles without a map

    And he’s off! You can still sponsor James Wallis on his walk (click the “How to sponsor me” link). Good luck James!

  3. While Supplies Last

    RSS feeds for the refurbished items available at US, UK and Canadian online Apple Stores.

  4. PalmMAME Arcade Emulator for PalmOS

    Haven’t tried this yet either.

  5. CaSTaway - Portable Atari ST for Palm OS, Zodiac, GP32 and Sony PSP!

    I installed the Palm version on my Treo 650 but it says there’s not enough RAM to run.

  6. Flatlife - Google Video

    Fantastic, simple, funny animation you should watch. (via City of Sound)

  7. Saturday in the Park with Friends Painting Seurat on the Rock River - a photoset on Flickr

    Recreating a Seurat painting in real life. Lovely, although the positioning of people in the photo is pretty off. (via Drawn!)

  8. GUIdebook > Splashes

    It’s like TV Cream’s archive of 1970s TV idents, but for geeks. Photoshop 2.5, Quark 3… ahhhh. (via Drawn!)


    Some nice tutorials and ideas there. (via Drawn!)

  10. Mint: A Fresh Look at Your Site

    $30, looks lovely, but can’t be installed or administered using Win IE. Doh.

  11. Digerati Consulting: awstats on TextDrive

    How to install AWStats on a TextDrive server. Actually worked.

  12. Peastat

    “Peastat is a simple, free, ‘live’ web stats analyser.”

  13. 1,500 of Your Favorite 80’s Videos!

    No idea why it’s at that domain, but there’s enough there to pretend you’re a guest on your own “I Love the 1980s” clip show. (via Ted Mills)